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Thank you for choosing CHBI! My name is Chris Genzink and I am a certified master home inspector (American Home Inspectors Training Institute). Comprehensive Home and Building Inspection began in 2012 because of my love of real estate. I was born and raised in Holland, Michigan and am proud to have the work ethic and integrity that is inherent of the area. I grew up around the real estate world, with family members being agents and brokers. After college I started a facilities maintenance company for both residential and commercial properties. I was the project manager for a real estate management and development company overseeing the physical condition of properties that have expanded my knowledge of homes and commercial properties. Throughout the years, I have bought, sold, and developed several real estate investments. I was also in the Fire Service for 16 years where I performed many inspections and assisted with investigations. I believe that I can be a positive piece of my clients’ home buying experience as I will perform an inspection with quality, honesty, and a non-biased viewpoint of their potential property that will give clients the information they need to make decisions about moving forward with purchasing a property.

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